Check Out Featured Diamond EliteVIP Hollie of Miami New Hot PICS

Check Out Featured Diamond EliteVIP Hollie of Miami New Hot PICS

Hollie of Miami | Bondassage® ~ A Uniquely Original Concept, Hollie of Miami is an exquisite, sweltering woman whose flames are only momentarily satiated by the soothing presence of the ocean’s rhythmic crashing waters connecting with the shore.
How would it feel to be in the presence of this Force of Nature?

How one Moves…

Take me in your arms and run your hands over my toned and taught body. You’ll know immediately that I take great pride in keeping myself strong and lean yet with just the right amount of feminine curves to drive you wild with yearning.

How one Marvels…

You can’t help but feel the warm radiance of my personality as you melt easily into me. My southern belle roots come with a side of sunshine and a smile that will immediately put you at ease, as if we have been long friends. I will absolutely shine in the presence of a sophisticated, powerful and kind gentlemen such as yourself.

How One Mystifies…

And my touch… will awaken a vitality in you that has too long slumbered under the pressure of responsibilities. Like magic I will absolve you of those things and they will disappear and immediately you will come alive under my expert coaxing. This is my gift to you. You will forever feel like a king within my presence.

Always exploring, on-the-move, reaching higher and NOW global. Won’t you join me on an adventure of the mind, body and soul? Moving, marveling and mystifying one another. I’ll entrance you and arouse you to go places you’ve only imagined.



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