Adrianna Blake

A sea of whiskey couldn’t? intoxicate me as much as a drop of you…

The search for exquisite “things” that match your quality, your smell, and your touch; your potential new favorite place. I have quality standards, just like you. Always manicured, freshly smoothed skin, gorgeous, well-kept hair, and a body freshly sculpted and tailored to a connoisseur of lust. The view is accompanied by a sweet, inviting, interesting, and enticing presence – always polished and always ready.

I have prepared myself. My standards, I hold and keep for myself give me the natural ability not only to match you; but to enhance you. I am fit for you, the expert of feminine beauty, inside and out. You have the resources to enhance yourself with an evening, night or long excursion with a delicacy that you can not only enjoy, but that will compliment you and bring you to a whole other level.

Don’t forget about dessert. The first and lasting impression I have already made only prepares you for a dessert that will leave you with lasting stimulation, precisely tailored to your pallet and desires for new pleasure. The perfect dish is one that will give you an experience you haven’t had before but introducing you something somewhat familiar… the opportunity for a new menu item to your repertoire.

P411: 249995
TER: 323721

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Touring Dates

Minneapolis 5/24 – 5/25

Chicago 5/26 – 5/28

Raleigh 5/29 – 5/31

Richmond 6/1 – 6/3

Tysons Corner 6/4 -6/5

Washington DC 6/6 – 6/7

Baltimore 6/8 Only

Philadelphia 6/9 – 6/11

Boston 6/12 – 6/14



Body Type:Athletic
Body Size:32DD-25-38
1st Language:English
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Brow/Blonde
Hair Type:Wavy
Hair Length:Mid Back
Breast Implants:Enhanced
City Served:Chicago & On Tour


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Chicago and on Tour