Let’s Welcome Dascha Makay to Gina’s Little Secret Pre-Booking Washington DC, Atlanta & NYC Mar 16-25

Let’s Welcome Dascha Makay to Gina’s Little Secret

Washington,DC 3/16-3/18
Atlanta 3/19-3/21
New York City 3/22-3/25


The Alluring One

Her beauty and angelic aura struck once you’ve crossed paths.

You noticed before, but this time it had to last.

Sophisticated persona and definitely a class act, her charm was phenomenal and in tact.

From her sleek hair to fresh pedicure toes there wasn’t a flaw in-site… well at least no one knows.

Walked with confidence with her head held high.

She spoke with intelligence from a beautiful mind.

Some say her smile is the most beautiful curve on her body.

Other’s say she’s just a bit of heaven with an erotic side…


Olivia Clarke

Emma Allure

Naughty Natalie

naughty natalie

Felina Benz

felina benz

Debra Hollander

Secret Benefits

Hollie of Miami

Alluring Russians


Cordelia Rousseau

Alice Quinn

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