Mairi @ The Cauldron NYC

Mairi is: porcelain skin and kaleidoscope eyes and auburn locks that flow like lava all the way down to the small of her back. A wide-eyed muse with a mischievous smile and an infectious laugh. Uniquely uninhibited, she is a sensuous adventurer, aroused by exploration of the body and mind.

She is, as they say, an enigma wrapped in a mystery, shrouded in…something there are no words for. She’s a contrarian, a walking contradiction; an observant Jew drawn to life’s most provocative taboos.

She’s down to earth, yet highly selective. Mairi must be wooed, and is naturally drawn to the type of man who appreciates her selectivity. Someone who is genuine and generous, successful and driven, but also interesting – someone who keeps her on her toes, because she adores surprises of all kinds.

Do not confuse her self-confidence for selfishness or arrogance, because once you’ve danced her dance, you’ll see just how much she opens up…and all your hard work she handsomely rewards.

The type of girl who writes her own rules – Mairi loves, above all else, to have a really good time.

Mairi is rarely available for same day appointments, so please plan ahead. She offers both body rub and companion experiences.



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