The Romance And Sensuality of Diamond EliteVIP Tia Liang Visiting Albany 6/6-6/7 & NYC 6/8-6/10

Come…..get to know the romance and sensuality of Tia Liang. Smart, charming and well rounded. For a bit of paradise start here…..with me. A confident woman who is not only intellectually stimulating but able to blend seamlessly into my surroundings. I love good conversation and witty talk….pillow talk being my favorite. Dinner, the theater or an art show are all enjoyable venues while I smolder and gently touch your hand in anticipation of our time ahead. Enough about me….now let’s talk about you. Intelligent…a man who knows what he wants. Cool and calm. A man who can take charge or is unafraid to let the woman lead the way. From the first moment meeting me, you will feel the connection. Sweet whispers…soft touches start the ignition of a fire that will be hard to put out. Once we part the feeling will stay with you, and you will want some of the magic we created again and again.

Until we meet………………

Tia Liang

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